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Associate Creative Director and Sound Designer

Paradiso is a narratively driven escape room in New York City’s Korea Town. The intimate show leans into the aesthetic of noir film, combining technical theater techniques with theatrical actors. Audiences of up to 10 at a time puzzle their way through multiple immersive sets, discovering characters along the way and working together to escape before their 60 minutes are up.

As the Associate Creative Director for Paradiso, my role began with conceptualizing and contributing to creative conversations with attention to the audience experience and brand identity. I created design draftings and renderings of the physical space, while also creating a visual identity through developing and directing photo and video shoots, creating teasers, trailers and in-show digital content and puzzles. As the sound designer, I specified, installed, and programmed an audio playback system as well as composed, recorded, synthesized, and mixed the score and sound effects.


“Part puzzle, part performance, part technological razzle-dazzle. Surprises await those who can think quickly enough to find them.”

The New York Times


“A suspenseful, 60-minute adventure to share with friends - complete with 3D holographic projection technology and special effects. It’s like being in a movie with a slight dystopian edge.”

- The Huffington Post

“It hacked our brains.”

- The Creators Project


“From the lead-up intrigue to the magnificently constructed, labyrinthine set, this was almost the most thrilling hour of my life.”

- Stage Buddy


“The technology associated with this new - dare we say, daring - production keeps storytelling at its core, but expands upon it in ways that few have seen, nor imagined.”


Paradiso Sound Design Demo - Cayla Sharp
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