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The Fast Forward Story

Fast Forward (FFWD) has been an ongoing client since 2018. I first met them through YouTube’s Director onsite program, where we made a short 30 second ad about their mentorship program.

Since then I’ve helped them produce and edit a range of videos, but the biggest project is their yearly cohort mini-documentaries and Demo Day editing. These 1-minute pieces tell story of those who the non-profits benefit and the impact they have made. I often film for local shoots, but the FFWD team sources local videographers from around the world and I take on the editing process. The big challenge of the process is figuring out how to whittle long interviews down into an impactful, short story.

In both of these videos, I was both the videographer and editor, in others from these cohorts, I did not film the videos:

During the pandemic, we produced a virtual demo day video, using videos recorded remotely alongside well filmed elements while sheltering-in-place.

Remote reording/editor:

I’m beyond grateful to work with organizations that align with my values to leverage technology for a better world, and serve populations that are often neglected by free markets. I love working with organizations who hold these ethics and values at the forefront of their decision making processes and am always on the lookout for new opportunities like this!

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