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I grew up at the intersection of multiple cultures and mixed identities. Growing up in Utah, the child of a mormon farmer turned physician and a Korean visual artist, I'm fascinated by the cross pollination of ideas, skills, and talents. In my teens I began experimenting with photography, videography, and video editing, creating skate montages and short films.


My academic pursuits initially led me to studying Industrial Engineering at Virginia Tech where I co-founded Fighting Gravity, a blacklight illusion performance group which gained notoriety while competing on America’s Got Talent. Inspired by the world of music, technology, and performance art, I pursued an education in the Show Production program at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.


In 2013 I moved to New York City, where I assisted immersive theatre director Michael Counts on a variety of non-traditional experiences such as Paradiso, The Beacon, and The Walking Dead Experience. Beyond my roles as a designer, I began tapping back into my videography and editing roots by creating teasers, trailers, and behind-the-scenes videos.


In 2016, I began a transition both personally and professionally. After a life-time of being in the closet, I came out as a queer trans woman and around the same time I relocated to San Francisco in 2016 to reinvent myself and continue growing my storytelling practice. Through Youtube's Director onsite program, I began working with a range of startups and organizations to launch and grow through storytelling.

I've helped over 100 companies and organizations grow by capturing and amplifying their stories, vision, and knowledge with the world. I work with clients who are doing their part in creating a better, more sustainable future and love telling the stories that are often left out of the mainstream conversation.

Current and previous companies I work with include: Weights & BiasesFast Forward, Welkin Health, Broadly, Madison ReedA-Plan Coaching, Brandless, and WHILL.

I currently reside in Oakland, CA and outside of production I love to dance, DJ, play music, and spend time outdoors. I'm open to new opportunities and always looking to grow my skills and community. As someone who has lived many lives, I find comfort in taking a step back and taking a look at the bigger picture and historical context. I like to work with people who value creating a more equitable and sustainable future, if that sounds like you and you're interested in working together, send me an email at

Thank you!



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Producing Innovation

Cayla Sharp
Videographer | Producer | Editor
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