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The Weights & Biases Story

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I first met with Weights & Biases (W&B) in 2018 when they were a team of just 5 people and since then they’ve scaled to over 150. We originally teamed up to create tutorials and case studies with the goal of teaching more people about machine learning and the process of building better ML/AI models. Their core tool is an experiment tracking notebook that enables collaboration and sharing for practitioners and research.


We began with this set of tutorials with Lukas Biewald, co-founder and CEO.


We also created a case study with OpenAI, their first client:


I acted as a video producer/editor as well as helping them optimize their content for YouTube - a role where I learned a lot about how to work the YouTube algorithm and grow an audience.

During the pandemic we launched a machine learning podcast, Gradient Dissent, which interviewed real world practitioners and shared insights from their respective positions in the industry. We grew the audience from zero to an average of 5k downloads per episode and tens of thousands of YouTube views per episode. These videos were all recorded remotely.

Video: Gradient Dissent

Remote Producer and Editor:

I helped take the channel from launch to 2.5M views and over 35k subscribers. Our videos ranged from tutorials, to case studies, product videos, live streams, virtual conferences, and interviews - all geared towards learners within the ML/AI space.

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Their most viewed video was their product video, which I produced and edited in collaboration with the W&B Team. The goal of this video was to give an overview of the product and help potential users and clients understand the product better.

Video Producer and Editor:

Working with W&B gave me lots of really great insights into the world of machine learning. I don’t code myself, but through editing and working with the team I learned so much about the field and the way technology is progressing. Working remotely through the pandemic I learned how to optimize virtual recordings and coaching people through the process.

I ended up deciding not to take a full time offer to continue taking on other projects and in 2023, I handed off all of my roles and responsibilities to their new in-house production manager. I am beyond grateful for this experience and being part of a hyper-growth startup, lead by an amazing hard-working team.

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